Oh my gosh, Court, it truly was everything we dreamed of and more. We wouldn’t change a thing. Thank you so much for capturing our special day. Working with you and Gray is, well, it’s just like hanging out with great friends, who also happen to be organized, professional, and extremely talented photographers! As I may have mentioned last year, we made sure we confirmed our booking with you, maybe like a day after we got engaged? I knew that you were the one wedding professional I couldn’t compromise on, and we definitely have no regrets. 

Thank you so much for the teasers, they are BEAUTIFUL!! 

– Nicky & Ben Jensen, April 22 2017

Distillery District Wedding- Archeo_0247

Courtney, Gray,

Where do we begin.  Our adventure together started in the rain, and ended in the rain….

The way the two of you were able to capture the love between Steph and I even in the rain, was unmistakably the best purchase we made throughout this whole wedding.  Our engagement photos were incredible.  It was cold, windy, light drizzle, and you kept shooting.  You made it fun for us and we were happy to comply.  Our wedding turned out to be the event we had expected.  At the hotel, the shots with the reveal were beautiful.  Then later at Casa Loma, who knew a bunny would come into play??  The use of the umbrellas made the shots beautiful.  We were able to capture the grounds even in the rain and the two of you got soaked.  What a great event.  The fact that you stayed later for us was a true testament of how much you cared.  Comments we received from our guests were “your photographers are incredible.  I’ve never seen anyone take so many photos and enjoy it so much”.  They were right.  Courtney and Gray, we appreciate all that you did.  I’ve never seen photography such as this.  Our photos are incredible, and we’ve only seen the teasers….. We can’t wait for the finished product.  What a great evening spent with two incredible people who are a delight to work with.  Thank you for making the night fun and easy and for becoming our friends.

– Mark & Stephanie Morris, July 19, 2014


Thank you so much for sending us our wedding photos! Courtney, the USB keys are lovely, and your presentation of them in the little wooden box was so sweet. The photos are absolutely amazing! Huge thanks to both of you, from the bottom of our hearts. We couldn’t have asked for a better wedding day, and the beautiful moments you captured for us will always remind us of the incredible love we felt from all our family and friends – including the two of you! You guys are wonderful! Wishing you all the best,

– Daniel & Ellie, Oct 18, 2013


Hi Courtney.  It’s Vanessa’s mom, who wants to sincerely thank you for the absolute and totally amazing job the two of you did on capturing every aspect of their wedding celebration.  Vanessa has shared the gallery with me (as well as your blog) and I can’t imagine it getting any better than that!  It tells a wonderful story!  I could go on telling you how talented and devoted you are behind the camera but I’m sure you’ve heard it many times already.  I’m so glad that she choose you to preserve the love and laughter of the day and grateful that you do what you do with such flare!

– Vanessa & Ali, October 5 2013


We had the pleasure of working with Precious Photography for a re-shoot, after we felt like our wedding day photographer didn’t capture the right style of photos for us on our wedding day. Courtney was just amazing to work with, I didn’t have to say much and she knew the best location, and the best type of pictures. She made our love shine through in her work, and we couldnt be more happier that we made the decision to work with her. I now have the best wedding photos that I will cherish forever ! Your talent is out of this world !

– Tara & Brandon, Sept 1, 2013


My wife and I hired Precious Photography for our Wedding in July 2013 at Sunnybrook Estates in Toronto. We both couldn’t be happier with our photographs. A number of guests have come up to us since and telling us that they were the best wedding photographs have ever seen, and several ppl have asked for their contact information so they can photograph at their events as well. From the engagement photoshoot, to the wedding to coordinating getting our photos etc after the wedding, everything went as smoothly as possible. I STRONGLY recommend Precious Photography for any of your photography needs, you will not be disappointed!

– Isuru & Anneke, July 13 2013


We were thrilled that Courtney was there to photograph our wedding. The day was so busy it was a complete blur, but being able to look through our beautiful photos afterwards brought back all the special moments. Courtney’s enthusiasm was contagious and it made the whole experience so much fun (even our chilly outdoor shots!)

– Michelle & John, Jan 14 2012

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 8.41.42 PM

My husband and I hired Precious Photography for our wedding in July 2012. We couldn’t have been happier! They were outgoing, professional, organized, and a lot of fun to work with. The photos we ended up with were really unique, and captured all those special moments of our big day. Thanks guys!

– Laura & Jeff, July 14 2012

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 8.56.17 PM