Tanis & Rob’s NYE wedding at Cambridge Mill

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Tanis was one of my brothers closest friends growing up, so I’ve known her since she was in kindergarden! I used to tease Gray about her being his girlfriend, and once locked them in a large box “fort” and made them kiss. “Ewwwwwwww!” they would shreek, as obviously the opposite sex are yucky and have cooties.

Thankfully Rob does not have cooties, and quite the opposite actually! Tanis was smitten with him from day one. She had been gushing about this amazing new guy she was dating, so I was delighted to finally meet him at a Christmas party a few years back. She told us that he was the one, so this celebration has been a long time coming! I think she booked us 2 years in advance, knowing that she had to have us to document her special day! Even before the venue was booked, she’d made sure we knew to set aside NYE 2017! :)

Tanis is the owner of Tanis Emmett Wedding Style, one of the top bridal tailoring services in the GTA, and is an incredible fashion designer, tailor and entrepreneur! She is the busiest, hardest working person in the entire world, so I really have NO IDEA where she found the time to put together all of the details for this wedding. I should mention that EVERYTHING was either DIY or done by a close friend, from the creation of her evening gown (and Hayley Paige re-designed wedding gown!!) and custom made floral bouquets, to the flower girl dresses and cloth invitations, everything was handmade out of fabric! Decor, hair, makeup, photography, nearly everything was provided by close friends, so it was such a warm and intimate affair! A true close knit family bringing everything together for an unforgettable night of dinner, dancing and champagne! :)

Rob, you are certainly a lucky man (but I’m sure you already know that ;)). Tanis is the most generous person I’ve ever met! She will go out of her way for anyone and everyone at the drop of a hat. Everything in life is exciting when Tanis is around, her excitement and joy are infectious! During the speeches, her sister said it perfectly. There is excited, and then there is “Tanis excited”! A whole other level of excitement, out of this world! So to Tanis and Rob, may you always be “Tanis excited” about everything life throws your way, as I am sure it is going to be some amazing things!!!! :) xoxo

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Photography: Courtney and Graham of Precious Photography
Decor: Wanda Corbett of Just for You Weddings and Events
Makeup: Erin O’Riley
Hair: Natalie Hiroz Owner of The Beauty Room
Alternations, bouquets, ceremony hair piece and flowers: Tanis and team (Agata, Stephanie and Steph) from Tanis Emmett Wedding Style
Evening gown: A custom design by Tanis Emmett Wedding Style, by Tanis Emmett and manager Agata Gilbert
Cake: Sugar chalet owner Kelly Lethbridge
Violin: Micheal of Dj emporium
Wedding gown: Hayley Paige (a custom redesign By Tanis Emmett Wedding Style) from Pearl Bridal House
Ceremony and Reception Shoes: Kate spade
Earrings- Sarah Gabriel
Bridesmaids gowns- Sorella Vita from The Gown Newmarket

*Vendors, please don’t screen shot images from blog post. If you’d like to use any images for your own social media, feel free to contact me!*


What a beautiful family! Truly gorgeous dresses and bridal decor. Congratulations and wishing you a lovely life together. You certainly have photos that capture the joy of the day.



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