Maria & Peter’s Il Villaggio wedding in New Jersey!

So I mentioned previously in my New York city blog post about how Maria found me. Essentially I had recently done a family session with Val, an old friend from university. Val was the maid of honour in Maria’s wedding…..and when Val found out that Maria still needed to book a photographer, she gave me a glowing recommendation! :)

So to put everything into perspective, I got the wedding inquiry from Maria at the beginning of Jan. I had just gotten back from my whirlwind trip to Austria over Christmas, and Maria was asking me if I wanted to come to New York to photograph her wedding at the end of the month! Thinking that it was probably never going to happen, I shot a quick e-mail to my brother (and second shooter), asking if he’d be up for going to New York in a few weeks for a wedding. Being a busy guy, I figured it was a long shot. “HELL YA!” was his quick response. So it was settled….. a few e-mails back and fourth and we were going to New York! :)

One thing that I ALWAYS like to do before I wedding is get to know the couple. I find it helps TREMENDOUSLY if we already have built a friendship…so that I know how they interact, I know what cute things they do together, and of course we have some inside jokes so I can make them laugh (hopefully). I generally build this relationship through the consult, the engagement session, and all of the wedding planning leading up to the big day, so we tend to be pretty well acquainted come the wedding. Not this time. I had an idea of what Maria and Peter looked like after a short period of facebook stalking (well, they were my OWN photos, as they’d both been in Val’s wedding and I was a guest there and took some pics). But one thing I noticed right away from Maria’s e-mails is that she was super nice and really easy going….. so that helped to ease my nerves!

So by all means check out my blog post about our actual trip into the big city, and check out the most INCREDIBLE wedding below!!! :) THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH MARIA AND PETER!!! You are lovely people, a lovely couple, and had an incredible wedding, and we are sooo honored to have been a part of it all! :) We wish you all the best in the future!



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