Laura + Brett’s Cottage Engagement

I am really excited to share this session, because it was it was such a fun little adventure for me and my family! I’d met Laura and Brett at my usual hang-out spot (Symposium cafe in Ajax), during a torrential downpour that came out of nowhere (story of this summer, amirite??). It was PACKED inside, because all of the people who had been enjoying the patio had to rush inside, and we were told it would be a 30 min wait. A bit awkward to wait for a table with people you just met… but we instantly bonded over being shuffled around from the bar to a table, to another table, hair dripping wet from the mad dash from the car in the rain. I suppose it really was a bonding moment, because not even 30 mins into our convo, they were inviting me and my family up to their family cottage for a week-end! Really? My crazy family, with a 2 year old? hahahaha! But I’m always up for an adventure, so off we went up to cottage country to hang out with Laura and Brett, and meet Laura’s entire family (plus 3 dogs)!!! My two year old always manages to break the ice, and my husband always manages to get the campfire games going (AVA *donkey noise* pump-pump-pump :P). So now we have some inside jokes to share at the wedding (and for life). :P It was the perfect segway into the wedding, as now we’ll be long time friends come the big day! :) I’m seriously contemplating adding “a weekend at the cottage pre-wedding” clause for all my couples, since it was such a great way to get to know each other! :)

It was important to Laura and Brett to shoot their engagement pics up at the cottage, as it was a meaningful spot for them. Laura’s dad had purchased and cleared the land when he was only a teenager, and they’d built the cottage and dug out the lake! Laura and her siblings had spent many summers there growing up, so it was only fitting to shoot some special photos there. They had me at “there will be 3 dogs, including a 12 week old puppy”… SOLD!

We had so much fun climbing down into the ravine (and breaking a log and falling into the mud), row boating at sunset (while my two year old screamed at first, and then sang row row row your boat as we paddle boated beside the row boat), walking bare foot into the squishy moss deep in the woods, and of course toasting marshmallows in the fire! :)

Thank you so much to everyone for having us! You were all incredible hosts, and we had so much fun! Avie says thank you for the colouring book and play dough, she had a lot of fun jumping off the diving board, playing with the doggies, and catching bugs in the nets!! :) I can’t wait for the wedding!! It is going to be AMAZING! <3



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