Bloom Field Gardens Wedding, Newcastle, ON | Laura & Brett

Last summer, I met Laura and Brett for a coffee to discuss their wedding day plans in more detail. It happened to be a torrential downpour, so all of the patrons eating outdoor on the patio had moved indoor, and there was no tables for us to sit! Certainly an awkward situation for sure, meeting complete strangers and having to standing the doorway together waiting for somewhere to sit! However, we had some laughs and made some jokes about the situation and all was well!

During the consult, they expressed interest in shooting their engagement pictures up at Laura’s family cottage (with their dog)!! It was in the middle of the bush, very rustic, on their very own lake! We agreed that it was too far to travel all that way for a 1.5 hour shoot, so they offered to host my family for a fun filled night! A little crazy I know, but off we went to the cottage for an amazing experience! 🙂 I had blogged about it previously, but since my website crash I will have to see if I can re-post it soon!

I was very excited for this wedding, as I’d gotten to know Laura, Brett, and Laura’s amazingly sweet family during our time at the cottage. So of course I was heartbroken to see rain in the forecast leading up to the big day! The morning of the wedding, my trusty weather app assured me that it was not going to rain, however as soon as I started to shoot the details, the rains picked up and the skies turned an ominous grey. The skies opened up and it started to pour! NOOOO! Thankfully it only lasted a short while, and we were able to get back out for pictures!! 🙂

The weather had NO IDEA what it wanted to do. All day we battled with an ever changing sky. Sun, wind, rain, sun, rain, sun…. it couldn’t make up it’s mind! It went from bright sun, to yet another downpour just as the ceremony was set to start, and back to full sun not even 20 mins later. At least Laura and Brett got to have their romantic outdoor garden ceremony! 🙂

Thank you guys for being so awesome! I feel as though I was much more then just a vendor…..hopefully we will remain lifelong friends! 🙂 (PS> I am totally coming to crash the cottage again soon!) 😛 Thank you to all your friends and family as well for making us feel so welcome. 🙂 xoxo <3 Court

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