Janice + Graham’s Wedding At Glenerin Inn and Spa 04-08-17

This wedding holds an extra place in my heart, because it was the wedding of my little brother and his beautiful wife! I had the honour and privilege of being the sister-of-the-groom, the self appointed “Best Man”, and the photographer (and the mom of a two year old) all at once! So needless to say, it was a very VERY busy day for me, but a very very special one too. Gray + Jan, thank you soooo much for inviting me to capture your special day. I promise, I really did get to have fun and enjoy myself. :)

There are a TON of remarkable people who came together to make this day as amazing as it was, and every single one of them went above and beyond and deserve some shout outs! Gray and Jan really wanted to “keep it in the family” so to speak, so everyone that helped out had close ties to make the day feel that much more special.

Our dear friend Maranda from Maranda Elysse Photography was my wing woman, and this blog post wouldn’t have been possible without her incredible images! She worked her butt off to capture all of the moments that I couldn’t, as I wore my many hats. :P From her Backstreet Boys dance party with Gray while he got ready, to stopping at nothing to make my daughter laugh, she really was extraordinary!! So THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts woman, you are the best! XOXO

Secondly, Kristy from KT Floral Design  who did an incredible job on the bouquets, boutonnieres, ceremony details, centrepieces, flower girl crowns, and the greenery at the head table. “Our wedding is going to be very plain” Gray had told me in the weeks leading up to the wedding. HAHAHA…… not of Kristy can help it! :) I am a sucker for flowers, and was sooo overcome with joy when I saw the garden roses, ranunculus and greenery coming out of the truck. :) THANK YOU for your hard work and amazing talents Kristy, and for going above and beyond! :) Its always a pleasure to photograph your masterpieces!

We can’t forget Patrice, a stay at home mother of 5, who still finds time to bake the most delicious cakes you’ve ever tasted! She’s baked for many of my events, the most noteable being Gray + Jan’s engagement party. The cake was soo delicious that Gray and Janice didn’t even get a piece, it was devoured in minutes! For the wedding, she baked 5 flavours of cupcakes, and the adorable little woodland cake! I think Ava ate about 15 of the mint chocolate cupcakes, and is still talking about them to this day! :)

Janice was the creative director behind all of the cute DIY decor. Everything was handmade, including the table numbers and the amazing cupcake and cake stands! The two of them spent hours sanding and varnishing and glueing! It all came together so nicely, so enjoy the TONS of detail shots below to showcase everyone’s hard work! :) You guys should become wedding planners! :)

Neda + Porya were amazing MC’s, both organized and extremely witty, and kept the night rolling along. Porya is both my husband and newest addition to the McIntosh clan, and Neda was like a sister to Janice growing up when she was new to Canada. So it meant a lot that they stepped up and offered their assistance for the night. :)

And of course I can’t forget to mention all of the family and friends that came together to make this the joyous occasion that it was! Being the sister of the groom was great, because it was basically all of my friends and family too, but I didn’t have the stress of being the host or the bride, so I could enjoy my dinner/drinks and mingle (when I wasn’t shooting of course!). It was great to see everyone, old friends and new! :)

Congrats Janice + Graham! Cheers to a lifetime of happiness, and lots of nieces and nephews! :) XOXO

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Venue: Glenerin Inn and Spa
Photography: Precious Photography and Maranda Elysee Photography
Flowers: KT Floral Design
Cake and cupcakes: Patrice Hrebicek
Hair & Make-up: Fancy Face Inc
Brides Gown: David’s Bridal
Groom’s Suit: Hugo Boss
Crafts and decor: Janice + Graham
Officient: Christaine from Ceremonies to Remember

And incase you missed the video, here it is! I put it together using images and iphone clips, so it’s by no means professional. Still makes me cry though!



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