Jackie & Steve’s Engagement Session- The Junction

We had planned this session a few weeks back, and of course on the day of the shoot the weather just doesn’t seem to be on our side. The forecast was calling for rain and thundershowers all day. So I literally refreshed the page over and over again hoping for a different outcome. Our shoot was scheduled for 5pm to take advantage of the “pretty sunset light”, so around 2pm Jackie called me to reschedule. It had been raining all day in her neighbourhood and did not appear to be letting up. So I told her that we should wait a few more hours and touch base around 4pm with a verdict. I also assured her that we are totally fine shooting in the rain, and that it was her call!!!

Well, to my (excited) surprise, they agreed to shoot, rain or shine!!! So of course, the second we started shooting, the rain came pouring down. Not just a little drizzle either, but a torrential downpour. We kept shooting, and I actually really love what we got! :) Rain is sooo romantic and adds that special little touch of emotion to photos.

And again to our surprise, the rain only lasted like 20 mins, and then it cleared right up! :) So all in all, it was a pretty spectacular session! I hope that you enjoy! I am really looking forward to the wedding in the fall! :) xoxo



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