Danielle + Carl’s wedding at Kings Riding Golf Club 05-26-17

Danielle and I work together, and she’d asked me about photographing her wedding over 2 years ago! She used to sit beside me and watch me edit! :P Danielle is an amazing woman….. she has the brains, the beauty, the charm…….and I found out during the reception that she is also quite the poet!! :)

There was a little bit of indecisiveness about whether the ceremony should be moved indoors, as the clouds rolled in and it started to rain a bit. Hy heart sank a bit, because the set up was sooo pretty outside. Well, they made the call to keep it outside, and the staff ran outside in a mad dash to wipe all the chairs dry! Just as Danielle and her father appeared in the distance, the rain started and again my heart was in my chest. But as she reached her groom, the clouds parted and the sun came out! :) YAY! The ceremony was lovely….. the lace covered arch covered in white flowers was just stunning! And can we take a minute to appreciate THAT DRESS!!! HOLLLLY MOLLLLLY! You go girl! :)

Thank you sooo much for having us, it was such a pleasure to get to know you Carl! And thank you for all of your generous hospitality! The food was amazing, and the expresso bar made my night! :P Wishing you both a very happy marriage and hope we can stay in touch after you move to Kingston for Med school! :)

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