About Me



Hi guys! I’m Courtney, the photographer behind Precious Photography. I opened my business back in 2010, so we are coming up on my 8th wedding season this year!

I am an adventure seeker, and a risk taker. I like to live live to the fullest, and will never shy away from a challenge or new experience! Photography has always been my passion, and I live to tell stories through my images. I just love to document the connections between couples, families and friends, whether it be a subtle glance, a big bear hug, or a full belly laugh. Contact me to see whether I would be a good fit for you!

Who am I

I'm Courtney! Mama to a beautiful and spirited 3 year old, fur mom to a rambunctious black lab/shepherd mix, and just celebrated my 5 year anniversary with my hubby! :)

I've been into photography my whole life. I've always loved to tell stories through photos and video. My attention to detail and passion for photography really blossomed when I was gifted my first SLR back in 2009.

Things that I like:
Gardening and house decor
Fru-fru princess dresses and lace (especially on my daughter!)
Photography (obv :P)
Weddings (and talking about them)
Traveling and exploring

I am a strange mix between girly and tom boy. For example, I will trudge through a sewer in pink boots and a tutu :P I am adventurous and fun, laid back and silly, and live life to the fullest. I'm looking forward to meeting you, and look forward to all of the memories we will make together!

Image by Candice Benjamin
Wherever there is light, one can photograph.